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Discover hidden fashion spots and get the local vibe!

Your personal stylist will show you the Fashion Highlights, Designer, Local, Fair, Green, Vintage, Second-hand, Upcycle...

Are you in search of the most edgy designers and concepts all over the world? You are in the right city for that 'wow' experience! Let us show you the designers we adore, getting know their works and their philosophy! See pieces made locally from unique fabrics and get to know the most unusual concepts. Explore edgy hidden vintage shops and find breathtaking  treasures you'll adore and value for ages! We are fascinated by Berlin`s unique design perspective and would love to show you the brands and shops we desire.

Milan Fashion Tours

You can buy Fashion `Made in Italy` worldwide, but there’s one place that seems to have risen above the rest when it comes to careful curation and an unbeatable in-person experience: Milan.

Stepping inside these stores lends customers an experience they can’t get online, making the shopping experience that much more special. 

Whether you are looking for a specific item or want to experience Milan`s fashion in a unique way, we will organize you an unforgettable shopping tour, specially tailored for your preferences.


We are a passionate community of fashion professionals with the goal

to show you the best alternatives to the usual mainstream fashion.


Over 100 Partner Shops and Designers

...and many more


Over 300 Successful Tours

If you enjoy fashion, are looking for some nice keepsakes from Berlin, or just want to explore an interesting neighbourhood, this tour is it! I had a great time with Lena and felt like I was out shopping with a friend. Would recommend!

I absolutely loved the fashion tour: I learned a lot about the local fashion scene as well as the fashion industry in general. During the tour we visited several unique and alternative shops, and Josie, the guide, provided useful context about them. 

This tour is a nice selection of stores that focus on upcycling and sustainable clothing/ fashion. I really enjoyed the neighborhood aspect of the tour. That the shops were not in touristy areas.Tania was a great host spending time with each guest :)

Really enjoyed this tour with Lilla. Her passion for sustainable fashion and support to local designers and businesses is what I really admire. She is patient, giving time for you to try things, gives great advice and recommendations. 

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