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Berlin based fashion label, 100% sustainable, still no certificate

Why they don`t get certain green fashion certificates?

What is sustainable fashion in your opinion?

The designer of this cool label comes from Hamburg, studied in Milano

fashion design and became an upcycling designer.

Have you ever seen a garment which is 4in1? Here is a story of it:

During his studies, he was experimenting with some vintage garments. He put on one sweatpants the other way around on the mannequin`s upper body and discovered that the legs can work as sleeves. These sleeves have a special cut, if you have this garment on, and you lift your arms the rest of the garment doesn`t move at all. Which is very special and unique. Using these sleeves, he invented a garment which is 4in1. Ok, 2in1 we all know, reversible garments are nothing new.

But what he invented is even more: you can wear it not just inside out, but also upside down.

What? Upside down? We couldn`t believe this, so we had to try it on by ourself. And it really works,

it`s a pullover and if you turn it upside down it`s a dress. And turn it inside out and voilá it`s a second pullover and again a dress.

A cool product, more sustainable is simply not possible

They work with 100% sustainable fabrics produced in Europe. They produce everything in Berlin. You can custom order, choose the color combinations, the fabrics and the length of the sleeves/dress. And even more: usually on Sweatshirt the waistband is the part which get`s the used look. Often looks the Pullover still new. To keep the garments as long living as possible, they change the waistband any time to a new one!

Then why don’t they get the sustainable certificate?!

This unique concept is 100% sustainable for sure and even then they don`t get certain

green fashion certificates. The rules are strict and sometimes also totally unreasonable (in our opinion). They

can`t get the green label, although they use 100% sustainable fabrics, because their sewing machines working with vintage garments, so they touch also used/uncontrolled fabrics, which can contain chemicals which are not sustainable…

What is sustainable in Your opinion? This is definitely an open question: in our opinion vintage is absolutely sustainable, you use something existing, no energy, no manpower needed for it. You can find unique quality pieces, garments with soul. Book a fashion tour with us and find out whit us what is real sustainable fashion!

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