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The very best present to your loved onces!

We arrange a personalized private tour guided by a cool local fashion stylist throughout Berlin.Individual time schedule, inkl. transportation


We gonna ship you the printed gift card to the requested address in a nice gift card envelope or we can send you in digital form as a printable pdf!



Individual Time Shedule



We'll arrange a personalized private tour for you throughout Berlin, guided by a professional fashion stylist. We show you the fashion you can`t find anywhere else. Berlin is a melting point for the most cutting edge visionaries from all over the world. Gucci, LV and co. can everybody easily find on the map. But what we show you is luxury fashion from `another planet`..Let us show you the most sophisticated fashion this city has to offer and make your wardrobe step up into the level what not everyone has! Unique High-End Fashion, hidden spots, up and coming labels, jewelry, fragrance, vintage, eyewear, limited, custom made. We will start the experience by consulting about your personal style, fashion preferences, if you wish about your body shape, hair and eye colors. We will prepare for you a mood board including description about the shops, pictures, styles that match your personality. Then we will go on tour :)

The price is for maximum 2 Person Transportation is included (Taxi)




Private Fashion Tour - BERLIN

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